Disability coverage helps if the event those paychecks stop.

Blue Ridge Benefit Solutions, Inc. can help you choose a plan that'll help cover your lifestyle in the event you are unable to work due to illness or injury. Disability insurance assists in providing an income for your and your family in case of an emergency. Don't hesitate today to ask questions.

Life insurance is as important as it sounds, and it's not as expensive as you think.

One of the main reasons individuals do not invest in life insurance is because of the perceived cost. In the event of a tragedy, life insurance proceeds can help continue the life of the living family members after the loss of a family member. 

At Blue Ridge Benefit Solutions, Inc., we can help you gain a better knowledge of life insurance and it's role within a sound financial plan. With guidance and assistance, we can help you figure a plan that's suitable for your family and your wallet. 


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